It is important to remember that your wardrobe should keep pace with your perpetually changing lifestyle and needs. Let’s face it, we all have to cope with issues of dressing twice daily, 365 days a year. Why not make this a pleasant and effortless task? Here are just a few helpful hints to make your life that much more enjoyable.

Why struggle with your clothing when there are pain-free solutions?
VELCRO® closures on pants, skirts and blouses make dressing a dream.
Long front zip fastenings help with lowered hand dexterity i.e. zip-front dresses.

Choose clothing with larger openings which enable the person to easily put the garment over their head in a seated position or effortlessly step into the garment opening with minimal struggle.

If you or someone you know find weight bearing a struggle, there are a number of useful tips to make dressing an effortless task.
Full Open Back Dress
Full Back Opening garments with a VELCRO® closure at each shoulder should allow an individual to comfortably dress while remaining seated. Most importantly the closure is placed in such a way as to ensure the individual is not resting on the closure, there are not many pressure points on the shoulder. In addition, placing the closure on each shoulder allows for a *generous overlap of material across the back for discretion and comfort. This type of garment is terrific for both upper and lowered levels of mobility.

Conventional Dressing: Everyday dressing can be a breeze when styling of a garment is taken into consideration.
Front openings to below the waist, which either allows the individual to remain seated while sliding the garment over their head or step into the garment with ease

Non-waisted garments with detachable belts allow the belt to be placed where the individual finds it most comfortable or not at all
Loose full fitting garments with gathering which allows freedom of movement


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